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KBSOUND® iSELECT 5” Bluetooth
You have integrated the wine cooler, microwave, coffee machine…Now integrate music with the iSelect in-ceiling audio system with Bluetooth that you don’t see but enjoy. The iSelect Audio System with Bluetooth is a platform that allows you to listen to the radio and also provides you with the possibility to enjoy the latest trends in audio devices. When integrated with our KBSOUND® BLUETOOTH® Accessory it will allow you at the touch of your hand to STREAM the world of internet music from your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other Bluetooth device. More Info
Price $359.80
KBSOUND® iSELECT 5” Bluetooth
iSELECT 2 1/2” Bluetooth
It’s time for change. Are you tired of cables…complicated installation …. Downloading software and synchronizing with your router to get started? YES !!!! Then watch our video and see how easy our one room kit can be your multiroom solution. Break with the conventional multiroom concept. MAKE IT SIMPLE. You choose the rooms and easily install an iSelect kit with its Bluetooth Accessory included with the kit. More Info
Price $324.80
iSELECT 2 1/2” Bluetooth
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KBSOUND® Premium
The sophisticated choice that integrates sound options. Connect your iPod, Blackberry or any other audio source and enjoy your listening experience through the ceiling speakers.
Happy Holidays! Enjoy FREE shipping and 10% off
site wide from Dec. 21 to Dec. 26.
More Info
Price $216.00
KBSOUND® Premium
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Say hello to your new in ceiling radio, the KBSOUND® Select. Unique wireless stereo. Buy it online.
Happy Holidays! Enjoy FREE shipping and 10% off
site wide from Dec. 21 to Dec. 26.
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Price $198.00
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Ceiling radio

Gone are the days of huge radios with big woofers on the side.  This is the age of minimal exposure.  An in ceiling radio will eliminate clutters that are an eye sore but will still give you the quality of sound that you’ve always wanted.  In ceiling radios are installed flush-mounted together with your in ceiling speakers inside your ceiling.  This KB ceiling radio will allow you to enjoy your favorite radio show or music safely and comfortably.  It comes with a pair of 2” speakers and a slick remote control, which you can use while enjoying your afternoon bath.  A ceiling radio can be connected to your iPod, Blackberry or any other source of audio that you may have on hand.

Welcome to KBSound.com, a leading online supplier and manufacturer of high quality ceiling radio.  KBSound.com has been in the industry for almost 5 years, providing good service and top grade ceiling radio and other audio solution that a music enthusiast would desire. 

Easy Installation and Warranty

nstalling the ceiling radio is easy as installing your in ceiling speakers especially if your walls or ceiling are not yet built or if you’re renovating, although in any case installation of your ceiling radio is always possible.  This ceiling radio is flush-mounted in the cavity of your ceiling in any parts of your house.  Ceiling radios comes in with installation manuals that you can easily follow for correct installation.  Always remember that installation should be right the very first time to achieve better sound quality and avoid inconvenience on your end.  For added value, all products of KBSound including the ceiling radio are covered with a 2-year warranty for any manufacturing faults that may occur.


A ceiling radio is indeed setting a new trend when it comes to home surround sound system.  Ceiling radios can be connected to an iPod or any other audio sources that you have that can enhance the music experience inside your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere inside your house.  Aside from eliminating the clutters that a conventional radio would have, a ceiling radio will give you more space for other stuffs that you may want to have inside a room.  With space at a premium, a ceiling radio would be ideal for your quality of life.  On top of this, a ceiling radio can also serve as your alarm clock during to wake you up in the morning, as it comes with a built in alarm clock that you can program depending on your time schedule.

Here at KBSound.com we value customer service experience.  All your questions and concerns can be coursed through our customer service representatives by navigating to the Support tab of the website and sending us all your information including your questions and we will get back to you the soonest possible time. 

You can also check out KBSound.com blog page and learn more about the latest industry updates and DIY projects.  Our goal is to provide our valued customers a delightful online shopping experience.  Purchase now and experience a true value for your money. 

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KB Sound products look good and ideal for a bathroom set-up, in my honest opinion. Minimal amount of installation fuss too, which is always good.
– Todd L., Pennsylvania

The KB Sound Select unit is great because it's sooooo simple to install. Just two holes in the ceiling and then connect to the mains.
– Simon G., New York

I've fitted three KB Sound Selects units and each time have found the sound to be just right for a bathroom or en-suit.
– Karen L., California

The KB Premium is a fantastic Audio Kit for a really affordable price.
– Joey T., Nevada

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