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In ceiling bathroom speakers

Pampering yourself should not be limited to bath oils and a great tub.  A soothing music and a high quality in ceiling bathroom speakers will definitely give you a calm and a relaxing time at the convenience of your own home.  In ceiling bathroom speakers are usually round in shape and are flush-mounted inside the ceiling cavity of your own bathroom.  In ceiling bathroom speakers are perfectly designed for people who loves singing while taking a shower.

Welcome to KBsound.com where you can choose from a variety of in ceiling bathroom speakers that will definitely enhance your bathroom experience.  It comes with a hidden radio that you can use for your favorite radio shows or simply listen to your favorite music.  These in ceiling bathroom speakers are installed inside your ceiling to keep you from worrying of getting it soaked.  These in ceiling bathroom speakers together with the in ceiling radio are easily operated by a slick remote control, giving you a sense of power and comfort at the same time.  As an added value for our clients, KBSound.com has a two-year warranty for any manufacturing faults that can occur to any of its products.

Bathroom Options

In ceiling bathroom speakers comes in three varieties.

KBSound Select. 

This remote control operated in ceiling bathroom speakers comes with an IR receiver and a tuner.  The remote control boasts of its LCD display that can keep you in tuned with you’re favorite frequency and if you’re not using it, you can simply make it float through its adhesive hook.  Since it is mounted inside the cavity of your ceiling, you don’t have to worry about getting your radio and speakers wet.

KBSound Premium. 

Dubbed as the big brother of KBSound Range, this in ceiling bathroom speakers comes with a full featured control panel that has a built in FM Tuner and a mini audio jack connection for your iPod, blackberry and other audio source that you may want to use.  Comfort and technology all packed in one.  You may also utilize the built in alarm clock should you have an urgent meeting after taking a quick bath.

KBSound Plus.

  Classy and elegant.  This 2” in ceiling bathroom speakers are packaged with a slick remote control and a radio that is designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens.

Elegance, Beauty and Comfort

KBsound.com values elegance and beauty that is why our in ceiling bathroom speakers comes in colors of White, Chrome, Matt Chrome and Nickel.   All our products are designed to suit your stylish requirements.  Navigate to KBsound.com’s Our Products tab and browse through Bathroom sub tab to know more about what we have to offer for your bathroom audio requirements.

KBsound.com will ship all your purchases to and within the mainland USA for Free.  For orders placed outside the continental US, feel free to contact us through info@kbsound.com and will get back to you the soonest possible time.  And for your convenience, we have included an installation guide to help you mount your in ceiling bathroom speakers inside your bathroom’s ceiling.  You can also navigate the website and go to Installing KBSound tab and download the easy installation guide for your reference.  Here at KBSound.com we value every dollar that you will invest for the enhancement of your bathroom.



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