Music And Its Power: Soothing To The Ears Of People With Alzheimer

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

Music is POWERFUL.  Listening to soothing music can change a person’s mood, heal the sick, relieves an individual from stress, bring back good old memories and a whole lot more benefits.  Although there is still a lot of studies to be made to really say that music has a tremendous effect to our health to the point of getting healed, there a lot of great and unbelievable stories of people who are sick with incurable disease but are still alive until now and they credit the longevity of their lives to good soothing music.  If you are still not convinced with this argument, why don’t you try installing an in ceiling bathroom speaker or an in ceiling radio inside your kitchen or in your own bathroom?  Follow your daily routine.  This time try to listen to a soothing music while doing your chores.  Isn’t it relaxing?  Are you somehow more energized to do your chores?  You can even try installing these in ceiling speakers inside your office and see the difference in terms of productivity.  Music is indeed a game changer.

Good To Know Facts About Alzheimer in the US:

  • 1 out of 8 older Americans have Alzheimer
  • As of 2012, roughly 5.4 billion Americans are affected with this disease
  • An estimated $200 billion goes to direct costs for taking care of Alzheimer patients
  • Alzheimer is considered as among the top killing disease in the US
  • 14% of those who have Alzheimer live on their own and almost half of them don’t have caregivers

Did you know that Alzheimer causes an individual to forget all memories, even those that are recent?  It is the most common cause of dementia.  It robs you of your memories and other functions of your brain and eventually sends you to a nursing home.  Since Alzheimer causes a patient to lose their memories, music can actually aid in bringing back those good old times.  Music can make patients come alive, more energized and more responsive.

In a recent interview with Dr. Oliver Sacks, a Neurologist and a well renowned Author, said that music can have a powerful effect on people with this type of disease.  One of his Alzheimer patients, Henry Dryer, was almost unresponsive, depressed and considered unalive went back to “life” after hearing his favorite music through an iPod.  Afterwards, Henry began to talk and was able to answer the question what did he felt after hearing the music that was played.  Henry said that “it gave him the feeling of love and romance.”

Music can indeed bring back those memories even in impossible situations like this.  Those familiar music from the past can aid in the recollection of those exciting and unforgettable experiences that these patients had once in their lives.  If Henry Dryer, a patient who has been suffering from Alzheimer for the past 10 years was able to come back to life, it can also happen to anyone with the same sickness. 

Dan Cohen’s advocacy of giving iPods to all nursing homes with Alzheimer patients may be a long shot but this can truly change the lives of these people.  Playing their favorite music through an iPod and an in ceiling bathroom speaker or an in ceiling radio will definitely be effective.  

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