Influence Of Music: Legal And Illegal Downloads

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

Music has been around since day 1.  It has evolved throughout centuries and it has influenced most if not all areas of the human existence. 

Now a day, music can just be downloaded through the Internet and played through your iPod together with an in ceiling radio and in ceiling speakers.  These music downloads usually come in mp3 format, legal or illegal.  Unlike in the past, music was so expensive and one has to go to a retail store to get their favorite music in tape, LPs or CD format before they can listen to it.

But what is it with downloading that it has become so phenomenal in this generation?  According to Andy Heath, director of British record company Beggars Group said: "Clearly the biggest problem with illegally downloaded music is that there is a generation who feel it is natural that music and all creative content is free".  This might be true if you are talking to a person who doesn’t worry about their finances or those who do art and music just for fun but they have tons of inheritance to use while doing their music.  But when you are dealing with artist or musicians who are doing it not just for the sake of art but as a professional who needs to earn and support his or her family, the statement that creative content should be free might be offensive for them.

Music downloading can be legal or illegal.  Downloading through iTunes and Amazon.com are the legal sites wherein you can buy your favorite music for a price.  These sites are multimillion online businesses and the reason why people would go for these sites is basically for convenience.  On the other hand, illegal downloads or what we call as “piracy” is more rampant than the former.  A study conducted in Australia would show why people download music illegally and this might be true for across all culture and nationality.

The study actually proves that the reason why people download illegally is because of price and convenience.  People will be more inclined to download illegally instead of paying few bucks while getting the almost the same quality as the original one.  Others would also do it for the sake of getting the music that they want without waiting for the release date.  That is why music companies right now are doing worldwide release date.  This may somehow reduce piracy around the globe.

While downloading music illegally has become a norm, it is still considered morally wrong to do it.  You may be able to play the music that you want with almost the same quality using your in ceiling radio through your iPod for free but you are actually killing the actual industry that is making that music. 

Don’t settle for fake.  Get only the best that your money can buy.  

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