Newest Technology In Surround Sound Debuts In Hollywood

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira
Have you watched the movie Brave?  This newest technology from Dolby takes audiences from around the world to a whole new level of surround sound experience.  Imagine watching a movie and listening to footsteps running around the cinemas.  Or imagine watching an action film where a helicopter hovering around a particular building in the movie will make you feel as if the helicopter is hovering on top your head.  This is made possible by adding ceiling speakers inside the movie theaters; pulling single audio elements from the soundtrack of a particular movie and assigning them to individual speakers.  Imagine having this inside your house while watching an action packed movie with your family or listening to your favorite music, what an exciting new experience.  Imagine every beat of the drum and every strum of the guitar being separated in all your in ceiling speakers around your house.  Would technology bring it to a point where you can listen to your favorite radio station through your in ceiling radio and get the same experience as this new technology has to offer?  This is a totally new and thrilling technology that is yet to come.

Going back to Dolby’s newest technology, which they call “Atmos”, the goal really is to make the movie experience more real.  This is achieved by creating more points of sound inside the cinema through multiple ceiling speakers.  This will create a higher resolution field that will produce a more natural sound.  Aside from its immersive capabilities, Atmos technology can bring the same surround sound experience to any spot within the cinema.  Moviegoers will have uniform sound experience wherever they wish to sit inside the theater.

So far only 21 theaters around the globe are Atmos ready and this already includes 15 theaters from the United States.  With this technology out in the market, it is no longer impossible to also have this Atmos in mobile applications, computers, and stadiums and even in your own houses.  Having a new surround sound experience with the feeling of really getting immersed to what ever you are listening to is now only a few feet away from possibility.

Feel the new experience.  Get immersed.  Enjoy premium performance that will envelope you in sound!

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