Influence Of Music: Legal And Illegal Downloads

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

Music has been around since day 1.  It has evolved throughout centuries and it has influenced most if not all areas of the human existence. 

Now a day, music can just be downloaded through the Internet and played through your iPod together with an in ceiling radio and in ceiling speakers.  These music downloads usually come in mp3 format, legal or illegal.  Unlike in the past, music was so expensive and one has to go to a retail store to get their favorite music in tape, LPs or CD format before they can listen to it.

But what is it with downloading that it has become so phenomenal in this generation?  According to Andy Heath, director of British record company Beggars Group said: "Clearly the biggest problem with illegally downloaded music is that there is a generation who feel it is natural that music and all creative content is free".  This might be true if you are talking to a person who doesn’t worry about their finances or those who do art and music just for fun but they have tons of inheritance to use while doing their music.  But when you are dealing with artist or musicians who are doing it not just for the sake of art but as a professional who needs to earn and support his or her family, the statement that creative content should be free might be offensive for them.

Music downloading can be legal or illegal.  Downloading through iTunes and Amazon.com are the legal sites wherein you can buy your favorite music for a price.  These sites are multimillion online businesses and the reason why people would go for these sites is basically for convenience.  On the other hand, illegal downloads or what we call as “piracy” is more rampant than the former.  A study conducted in Australia would show why people download music illegally and this might be true for across all culture and nationality.

The study actually proves that the reason why people download illegally is because of price and convenience.  People will be more inclined to download illegally instead of paying few bucks while getting the almost the same quality as the original one.  Others would also do it for the sake of getting the music that they want without waiting for the release date.  That is why music companies right now are doing worldwide release date.  This may somehow reduce piracy around the globe.

While downloading music illegally has become a norm, it is still considered morally wrong to do it.  You may be able to play the music that you want with almost the same quality using your in ceiling radio through your iPod for free but you are actually killing the actual industry that is making that music. 

Don’t settle for fake.  Get only the best that your money can buy.  

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What Are The Must-Haves For A Great Home Theater Experience

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

As technology continuously innovates every aspects of human life, the need for exhilarating experience is also changing.  Home theater system has been around for quite some time now and the world has seen how it evolved from just having few chairs and a rolling film to huge comfy seats or loungers and HDTV or projection screens.  In ceiling radios and speakers plus in wall speakers are now a huge hit just to elevate the movie experience even more.  Home theaters are designed to mimic the exact feeling and experience that a movie theater would give the movie fanatic but at the comfort of their own rooms.

Celebrities in Hollywood are the trendsetters when it comes to movie experience at the comfort of your own homes.  Articles upon articles are written to show and boast their glamorous home theater rooms with different type of surround sound set up. 

Some people would go to the extent of having a themed home theater room.  Have you heard of the Start Wars home theater?  Well if you are a Star Wars Fanatic, you would definitely enjoy watching your favorite saga while inside this room.  This might cause you more than a hundred thousand bucks. 

Moving on, whatever theme or home theater design you would want for your movie room, what’s more important are the accessories that will make your movie experience a delightful one.  Below are the lists of accessories that will definitely fulfill your exiting and delightful movie experience without leaving your home:

  • Projection Screen – if your viewing room is large, projection screens are a must have.  But you can still opt to have a HDTV but projection screens are still the best!
  • Lounger – if you want comfort while watching your favorite action movie, you might want to invest in a lounger.  Enjoy your popcorn and sodas while comfortably pleasuring from the coziness of your lounger.
  • In wall and in ceiling speakers – have you heard of the Atmos technology?  Well these in ceiling and in wall speakers will help you experience this new Dolby technology at the comfort of your homes.  These mounted speakers will also save you more space and will make your space clutter free which can sometimes be an eye sore.
  • Popcorn And Sodas – this will seal the deal.  A movie is never complete without these snacks on hand.  You can also install a personal ref and your own popcorn machine so you and your guest wont go out from time to time especially if you are already in the middle of the movie.
  • Lighting – one of the most neglected but is considered one of the most essentials in getting the right movie experience.  Ask your interior designer what will suit your requirements.  Having LED lights will be a good way to start.
  • Video Scaler and Processor – bring out the best quality in your HDTV.  Ask the experts about this.

There are more must haves for a next level movie experience, it all depends how you want it and how much are you willing to invest.  Get the best out there for you money’s worth and enjoy your favorite movies at the comfort of your own home.

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Music And Its Power: Soothing To The Ears Of People With Alzheimer

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

Music is POWERFUL.  Listening to soothing music can change a person’s mood, heal the sick, relieves an individual from stress, bring back good old memories and a whole lot more benefits.  Although there is still a lot of studies to be made to really say that music has a tremendous effect to our health to the point of getting healed, there a lot of great and unbelievable stories of people who are sick with incurable disease but are still alive until now and they credit the longevity of their lives to good soothing music.  If you are still not convinced with this argument, why don’t you try installing an in ceiling bathroom speaker or an in ceiling radio inside your kitchen or in your own bathroom?  Follow your daily routine.  This time try to listen to a soothing music while doing your chores.  Isn’t it relaxing?  Are you somehow more energized to do your chores?  You can even try installing these in ceiling speakers inside your office and see the difference in terms of productivity.  Music is indeed a game changer.

Good To Know Facts About Alzheimer in the US:

  • 1 out of 8 older Americans have Alzheimer
  • As of 2012, roughly 5.4 billion Americans are affected with this disease
  • An estimated $200 billion goes to direct costs for taking care of Alzheimer patients
  • Alzheimer is considered as among the top killing disease in the US
  • 14% of those who have Alzheimer live on their own and almost half of them don’t have caregivers

Did you know that Alzheimer causes an individual to forget all memories, even those that are recent?  It is the most common cause of dementia.  It robs you of your memories and other functions of your brain and eventually sends you to a nursing home.  Since Alzheimer causes a patient to lose their memories, music can actually aid in bringing back those good old times.  Music can make patients come alive, more energized and more responsive.

In a recent interview with Dr. Oliver Sacks, a Neurologist and a well renowned Author, said that music can have a powerful effect on people with this type of disease.  One of his Alzheimer patients, Henry Dryer, was almost unresponsive, depressed and considered unalive went back to “life” after hearing his favorite music through an iPod.  Afterwards, Henry began to talk and was able to answer the question what did he felt after hearing the music that was played.  Henry said that “it gave him the feeling of love and romance.”

Music can indeed bring back those memories even in impossible situations like this.  Those familiar music from the past can aid in the recollection of those exciting and unforgettable experiences that these patients had once in their lives.  If Henry Dryer, a patient who has been suffering from Alzheimer for the past 10 years was able to come back to life, it can also happen to anyone with the same sickness. 

Dan Cohen’s advocacy of giving iPods to all nursing homes with Alzheimer patients may be a long shot but this can truly change the lives of these people.  Playing their favorite music through an iPod and an in ceiling bathroom speaker or an in ceiling radio will definitely be effective.  

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Newest Technology In Surround Sound Debuts In Hollywood

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Mauricio Neira
Have you watched the movie Brave?  This newest technology from Dolby takes audiences from around the world to a whole new level of surround sound experience.  Imagine watching a movie and listening to footsteps running around the cinemas.  Or imagine watching an action film where a helicopter hovering around a particular building in the movie will make you feel as if the helicopter is hovering on top your head.  This is made possible by adding ceiling speakers inside the movie theaters; pulling single audio elements from the soundtrack of a particular movie and assigning them to individual speakers.  Imagine having this inside your house while watching an action packed movie with your family or listening to your favorite music, what an exciting new experience.  Imagine every beat of the drum and every strum of the guitar being separated in all your in ceiling speakers around your house.  Would technology bring it to a point where you can listen to your favorite radio station through your in ceiling radio and get the same experience as this new technology has to offer?  This is a totally new and thrilling technology that is yet to come.

Going back to Dolby’s newest technology, which they call “Atmos”, the goal really is to make the movie experience more real.  This is achieved by creating more points of sound inside the cinema through multiple ceiling speakers.  This will create a higher resolution field that will produce a more natural sound.  Aside from its immersive capabilities, Atmos technology can bring the same surround sound experience to any spot within the cinema.  Moviegoers will have uniform sound experience wherever they wish to sit inside the theater.

So far only 21 theaters around the globe are Atmos ready and this already includes 15 theaters from the United States.  With this technology out in the market, it is no longer impossible to also have this Atmos in mobile applications, computers, and stadiums and even in your own houses.  Having a new surround sound experience with the feeling of really getting immersed to what ever you are listening to is now only a few feet away from possibility.

Feel the new experience.  Get immersed.  Enjoy premium performance that will envelope you in sound!

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What’s In And What’s Hot: Latest Trend In Home Music System

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Mauricio Neira

Technology has changed the way people live.  Technology changed the way people listen to music.  With the era of small gadgets and compact components, you would already have a hint of what’s in and what’s hot.  Of course music enthusiasts of today’s generation would go for minimal exposure and pocketsize gadgets.  In ceiling radios and in ceiling bathroom speakers are in.  These elegant and minimalist in ceiling bathroom speakers are mounted in such a way that it takes away the clutters making it a best seller for those who see wirings as eye sore. So what’s the latest trend in the home audio system?  <!--[if !supportLists]-->1.     <!--[endif]-->Sound bar speakers – since this generation is already gearing towards minimalist options, sound bar speakers is definitely an excellent choice.  Unlike your usual built in TV speakers, these sound bar speakers will definitely give you a better sound without requiring loads of wirings. <!--[if !supportLists]-->2.     <!--[endif]-->Wireless – this will benefit those who are installing their sound system on an existing house.  Although wiring may not be that of a big problem, the time and the costs to do it is the bigger issue.  While going WiFi may need little wiring, it is still preferred as compared to the former.  One benefit of going wireless is streaming, a technology that allows transferring of data through the use of the Internet.  There is also the “Bluetooth Technology” that is an essential part of the gadgets that you use right now such as you headphones, mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets that have the capability of transferring data to another device without the use of wires. <!--[if !supportLists]-->3.    <!--[endif]-->Mobile Gadgets – more and more people are shifting to mobile devices as a source for music and these are becoming a necessity in the setup of home audio system.  One reason why these tablets and smart phones are becoming a huge hit is because of control.  Imagine roaming around the house and still have the ability to control your home audio system, having everything at the tip of your fingers.  That’s power! <!--[if !supportLists]-->4.     <!--[endif]-->iPod/iTunes – this gadget sure changed the way we think and the way we live.  Nobody thought that a thousand songs could be stored in a small gadget like the iPod.  The iTunes changed the way we store and control data such as our favorite music and videos.  Truly a game changer! Indeed technology advancements in this generation have changed the way we use music and our lifestyle.  Music and technology goes hand in hand.  Using a dependable and a quality in ceiling radio and in ceiling bathroom speakers will definitely add up to the sound experience.

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