In Ceiling SoundAround Amplifier
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Deliver Audio Via Your Wi-Fi Network

The EISsound SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi Amplifier uses your Wi-Fi network to stream wireless audio from your preferred audio source through your SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi system. This audio transmitter module connects Wi-Fi or auxiliary audio sources to connected speakers, and delivers power to connected speakers to expand the size and range of your home audio system. Each Amplifier supports a single pair of 25W speakers or two pairs of 8W speakers.

  • Wi-Fi amplifier connects Wi-Fi and auxiliary audio sources to SOUNDAROUND audio system
  • Stream music from preferred audio apps including Spotify, Napster, and more
  • Supports line output connections with two 25W speakers or four 8W speakers
  • Play audio from connected speakers or in other audio zones of the SOUNDAROUND system
  • Control your KBSOUND STAR system using the AllPlay or Home Studio Apps

The Amplifier is controlled by either the All Play App for Android or Home Studio App for iOS. The Amplifier can be installed and operated as a standalone device or be paired with existing SOUNDAROUND devices, such as the In-Wall Wi-Fi Controller (sold separately). In order to play audio using the SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi audio system, the SOUNDAROUND device and controlling device must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Using the app, you can select where you want to play your audio, either across the entire system, or from select audio zones.

The Wi-Fi Amplifier is designed to mount onto the ceiling, preferably behind or near connected speakers. The amplifier uses wired line output connections to deliver power and audio to connected speakers. The Amplifier is powered by an external power supply. The Amplifier works with various power supplies depending on the number of connected speakers, from 12VDC to 24 VDC. Connect the Amplifier to your Internet connection via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable.


In Ceiling SoundAround Amplifier

  • SOUNDAROUND WiFi Amplifier
  • Power supply

In Ceiling SoundAround Amplifier Kit 2 

  • SOUNDAROUND WiFi Amplifier
  • Power supply
  • Two 5.25" Speakers

In Ceiling SoundAround Amplifier Kit 4

  • SOUNDAROUND WiFi Amplifier
  • Power supply
  • Four 5.25" Speakers


Technical Sheet

Wiring Diagrams

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