KBSOUND® Premium
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The KBSOUND® Premium is our in-wall product of the KBSOUND® range. The full featured control panel includes an FM Tuner and a mini-jack audio-in to connect your iPod, Blackberry or any other audio source.

While ideal in the Kitchen, Bathroom or at work the KBSOUND® Premium's built in alarm clocks make it the perfect speaker system for the bedroom.

Playing your iPOD, BlackBerry or any other audio source through our ceiling speakers couldn't be easier or cooler. Connect and play with KBSOUND® Premium.

The KBSOUND® Premium comes in a complete kit consisting of :

  • 1,5+1,5w Audio Control Unit with stereo FM tuner
  • 15Vdc Power supply
  • Memory holds 20 stations, Clock and Alarms
  • Jack input
  • Remote Control unit with direct key-in of FM station frequency
  • Two 2 1/2" 16Ω Loudspeakers
  • Speaker Cable (2x20AWG) 33ft – (2x0,5 mm2) 10 meters
  • Antenna (30 inch/76 cm)
  • Equipped with a LCD display screen

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