KBSOUND® Select FM Radio
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Color: White loudspeakers


Remote Control KBSOUND® Select

Enhance your kitchen or bathroom with the wireless stereo KBSOUND® Select FM radio experience. The power supply and tuner installs out of the way and it's operated completely by the remote.

The KBSOUND® Select Remote Control is intuitive and simple to opérate.

The sound quality is amazing. The 2½“ speakers give you an incredibly rich sound. One of the speakers also includes the IR receiver, making installation easier and slicker to look at.

In order to ensure its pride of place, the KBSOUND® Select comes with a self-adhesive hook on which your remote control magically floats when not in use.

Live and enjoy new sensations.

The KBSOUND® Select comes in a complete kit consisting of:

  • Electronic module with built-in FM tuner
  • 1,5+1,5W Stereo output
  • Remote Control Unit equipped with a LCD display screen to show functions and direct key-in of FM station frequency
  • Automatic seek and save of stations with optimum reception
  • Memory holds 30 stations
  • 2½“ 16Ω Loudspeakers with IR receiver/transmitter built into the Loudspeaker grille 
  • Speaker Cable (2x20AWG) 33ft – (2x0,5 mm2) 10 meters
  • Antenna (30 inch/76 cm)

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