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The KBSound STAR Space BT Amplifier is the custom made audio solution. It's open ended allowing you to freely choose your loudspeakers and amplifiers (Auxiliar amplifier Ref. 13204) to fulfill the specific design requirements of your project.

The Integrated KBSOUND STAR Audio System delivers exceptional sound quality and allows you to enjoy three music channels: Bluetooth Audio streaming, FM tuner and DAB (if applicable). Allows pairing with any Bluetooth device.

The control is managed by our KBSOUND® STAR App, available on Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices). Compatible for iOS 10.0, ANDROID 4.4 and subsequent related versions.

You may choose between the FM, DAB or Bluetooth Audio Streaming options using the STAR App or the Remote Control if purchased as an accessory.

Bluetooth signal reach is 10/12 meters.

Each Master unit has a UNIQUE identifier and password to avoid interference between users nearby.

If you wish, the Remote Control with its stylish and intuitive navigational menus also provides full control of the KBSOUND STAR system as if you were using the App. The Remote Control is available as an accessory.

Want to expand the system to other areas? The Master module has a line output (AUX) where a maximum of up to four amplifiers (using our amplifier ref. 13204) for four different areas can be connected.

Aux and Master can be turned on jointly or separately using the settings menu on the App and/or the Remote Control.


Design to fit discreetly into any decor or ambience.


Allows you to design sound projects that meet the specific requirements of each building an their electro-acoustic features by adding as many loudspeakers as you need.


Combining the Space with any public address system allows you to customize sound in medium and large building projects.

Specify when you request the DAB version.

Kit contents:

  • Electronic Module (Master) with Bluetooth receiver, FM/DAB tuner, Power Supply and Audio Amplifier that allows you to choose any type or design of speaker. Stereo output 10+10W (4Ω), 5+5W (8Ω), 2,5+2,5W (16Ω).
  • IR bi-directional receiver / transmitter to communicate with the Remote Control.
  • Coaxial RF connector and antenna cable for FM (76 cm).

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