KBSOUND Partners & Affiliates

Interested in finding out ways you can spread the word or sell the KBSOUND home audio systems?

There are three different ways you can get involved.

  • If you have an ecommerce site, and would like to add the KBSOUND products to your portfolio, click here.
  • If you are an interior designer / audio/visual installer or a contractor and would like to be able to offer your customers the KBSOUND products, click here.
  • If you are an affiliate marketer, and have an access to an audience, continue reading below.

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about our unique and new KBSOUND Speaker Kits, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top dollar for every new customer you send our way.


 Reasons to join:

Registration and participation are FREE!

All products are new and unique and have great market value. According to our statistics every 57th visitor purchases a kit.

We take care of everything billing, delivery, anti-fraud protection, and customer service.

click here to join our affiliate marketing program.

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