SELECT BT 5" In Ceiling Speakers
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Bluetooth In-Ceiling Speakers that allow pairing with any Bluetooth device (iOS & Android). Allows the user to enjoy two music channels: Bluetooth audio streaming and FM tuner.

The control is managed by our KBSOUND® BT App, available on Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices). Compatible for iOS 7, ANDROID 4.2 and subsequent related versions.

KBSound Bluetooth In-Ceiling Speaker has a signal reach of approximately 33 ft.

Each bluetooth receiver has a UNIQUE identifier and password to avoid interference between users nearby.

These round-shaped speakers are installed flush-mounted in the ceiling cavity. If you want to be discreet and you want more space for your other components, in-ceiling speakers would be ideal for you. These in-ceiling speakers are perfect for those who want to enjoy quality of sound without thinking of where to put those huge speakers and other home theater components. These high-quality speakers in your ceiling can be installed even in your kitchen giving you an absolute surround sound experience.

Welcome to www.kbsound.com, a leading player in the manufacturing of Multi-room Audio Solutions, where you can browse through various selections of in-ceiling speakers, ceiling radio and in wall speakers that will suit your sound system requirements. www.kbsound.com sells top of the line in-ceiling speakers, ceiling radios and in wall speakers that can be installed inside your bathroom, kitchen or even at work or inside your store.

In-ceiling speakers are easy to install if the walls have not been built yet or if you’re renovating although at any stage, it is still possible to install your speakers. This way you can guarantee that wirings will be installed appropriately. These high-quality speakers need to be installed accurately from the start to ensure the quality of sound will be achieved.

This unconventional way of installing speakers is now gaining popularity and has now set a new trend not only for homes but also for other types of environment. Not only that it’s unusual, it is also beneficial. With floor space at a premium, in-ceiling speakers are definitely a huge hit for those who want more but with fewer resources. Although in-ceiling speakers will not give you the lowest range of bass that you get from a conventional speaker on a woofer but this will definitely give you the quality of sound that you want to hear. If you’re a minimalist and you don’t like seeing wires all over the room, this is definitely for you.

www.kbsound.com has made installation much easier for you by providing a DIY kit that comes with the KBSound ceiling radios that you will purchase. You can also download this easy installation guide by navigating to Installing KBSOUND tab. Here at www.kbsound.com, we value every penny that you invest.

At www.kbsound.com your online shopping experience will absolutely be delightful. And because we value customer service experience, we at www.kbsound.com have our own support group that will assist you with all your inquiries. You can navigate through our Support tab and check out our Kit Comparison, FAQ sub tabs or you can simply email us your complete information including your questions and we will definitely get back to you the soonest possible time.

To give you added value for your money and as part of our continuing efforts to delighting our valued customers, all shipping to the mainland USA is already included. For orders placed outside USA, you can directly contact info@kbsound.com.

Visit www.kbsound.com and get the best in-ceiling speakers and other audio solutions that will suit your audio requirements.

Select 5" Bluetooth In-Ceiling Speaker Kit includes:

  • Electronic Module with Bluetooth receiver, FM tuner, Power supply, Stereo output 5 + 5W (8Ω).
  • Two 5” (8Ω) in-ceiling loudspeakers. White color.
  • Coaxial RF connector and antenna cable for FM (76 cm).
  • Loudspeaker parallel cable (5m).

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